Service and Repair

We provide service for all makes and models

The last thing anyone wants is for their AC to turn off in the middle of summer. If you do need service or something repaired, Desert Comfort AC is focused on delivering the best solution for your situation, with the lowest amount of stress.

We can schedule a service or diagnostic call on your equipment today, or provide an emergency service now!

Is your system overdue for replacement?

The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning Engineers tells us that a typical HVAC system will last 15 years. This national average is based on 95 degrees outside air temperature.

Our systems see much higher temperatures and work harder than the average system. It is normally cheaper to plan and schedule replacement than to wait until it fails in the middle of extreme temperatures.

If you are concerned about the age or condition of your system, call us today.

Second Opinions

We look at systems all the time and hear stories about how someone told them to replace it because of a major issue when it just needs a simple repair.

At Desert Comfort Ac we believe in providing an honest assessment on the condition of your equipment and provide what is in your best interest, not ours. It is our goal to build long term partnerships with our clients not short term sales.

My AC isn't cooling the house down, why?

The top reasons for an air conditioner to not blow cold air:

-Compressor and condensor not receiving power.

-Refrigerant level is low in the system.

-Air Filter is dirty.

-The heater is on.

Why is my power bill so high?

We all experience the high power bills during the summer, but how can you save money and live a little more comfortably?

Some of the reasons your power bill may be higher than normal:

-Bad Air Conditioner installation

-Lack of maintenance/service on the system

-Old, or broken system

-Failing parts inside of the unit

My house will not cool down, why?

There are many reasons on why a house is cooling down unevenly, and the only way to pin point the exact problem would be through an inspection by one of our highly trained technicians.

Some possible causes or telltale signs of uneven cooling:

-Noticeable Hot/Cold spots throughout the home

-Attic isn't insulated properly

-Air ducts are leaking

-Poorly insulated duct work

-Wrong size (undersized) AC unit for the area

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